A roofing system featuring an encapsulated vacuum insulated panel

A roofing system featuring an encapsulated vacuum insulated panel

Kingspan has developed the Kingspan OPTIM-R E Roofing System, featuring its encapsulated vacuum insulated panel.

With the ever-increasing pressure to create more future-proofed, energy-efficient properties, the demand for high-performance insulation solutions that are thin yet robust enough to stand up to the construction process has never been greater. Kingspan’s new product has been developed to address this problem.

The market launch of Kingspan OPTIM-R in 2012 marked a step forward in next generation insulation. However, Kingspan OPTIM-R E takes this innovation one step further by completely encapsulating a vacuum insulated panel (VIP) in a high performance PIR insulation board. This layer protects the gas-tight membrane of the VIP during installation.

The OPTIM-R E Roofing System comprises both OPTIM-R E panels and OPTIM-R Flex infill strips and is suitable for applications on flat roofs, terraces and balconies. Kingspan’s specialist supporting installation design service provides detailed layouts and instructions with every installation to guarantee the ratio of OPTIM-R E panels to OPTIM-R flex infill strips is maximized for each project. The OPTIM-R E panels arrive onsite as part of a system, manufactured to the building’s dimensions, and do not require any extra cutting or moulding, making them ideal for tight timescales.


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