Baxi launches In Flue Outdoor Sensor

Baxi launches In Flue Outdoor Sensor

Baxi has launched an In Flue Outdoor Sensor to help make compliance with Boiler Plus compliance simple.

The company’s patented IFOS clips onto the air duct of the horizontal flue terminal, resulting in a straightforward install. The placement means that there is no need to fit the sensor to a north/north west wall, as it will consistently be hidden from direct sunlight.

Free flow of air over the sensor also allows for more accurate reading of outside conditions, ensuring best possible operation and allowing the homeowner to gain the best possible efficiency benefits.

Mike Parsons, Head of Product Management at Baxi, commented: “From inception through to design and delivery, the Baxi IFOS has been created with the needs our customers and the industry as a whole in mind.

“For installers it consists of very few parts and just two wire cable runs back to the boiler down the flue air duct – meaning no drilling or disruption for the homeowner. It’s a real win-win for the installer and homeowner alike.”

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