Heat pump control

Heat pump control

Grant Aerona³ R32 has joined the growing number of air source heat pumps that are compatible with Homely Heat Pump Optimisation Controls, boosting their efficiency and cutting energy bills.

Homely is a user-friendly smart system controller that manages up to two heating zones and domestic hot water. It includes up to two wireless temperature sensors and utilizes advanced software with future weather forecasting to anticipate heating needs.

The controller maintains constant communication with the Aerona³ R32 heat pump, enhancing the efficiency of the heat pump and the overall system. Homely also supports agile tariffs, which could cut costs further.

The Homely installation kit, designed to be used with the Aerona Remote Heat Pump Controller, includes a Hub, temperature node(s), and necessary accessories for installation. Homeowners can control their Homely device through a dedicated app, allowing them to set heating schedules and adjust room temperatures remotely.

There is a separate app that enables engineers to monitor multiple heat pump installations connected to Homely Hubs. This app provides remote access to heat pump performance data, diagnostics, and system information.

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