JB Kind’s fluted doors

JB Kind’s fluted doors

The Aria range of internal doors from JB Kind is based on the trend for fluted wall panels, tiles, and furnishings, featuring a design that incorporates two vertical side rails framing the door, with a pattern of square grooves running from top to bottom.

This collection offers three laminate finishes — black, grey, and oak — alongside a white primed option that allows for personal customization. Designed to fit various interior styles, from mid-century modern to industrial, the Aria range includes doors ready for installation, complete with options for glazed and fire doors.

Each door in the range is constructed with a 35mm thickness, utilising a semi-solid core for the laminate versions and a solid core for the primed doors, enhancing the overall quality feel. The series also extends to 44mm solid core fire doors for enhanced safety in all non-glazed designs.

The glazed Aria doors are distinguished by a central clear flat safety glass panel with raised beading, facilitating the flow of natural light between rooms while maintaining the option for space compartmentalisation. The laminate finishes ensure consistency in tone and colour, ready for immediate installation, whereas the white primed doors offer flexibility for individual customization. The construction quality and inclusion of a fire door option across all solid styles are key highlights of the range.

JB Kind also offers a Door Visualiser tool, enabling customers to preview the Aria doors and other models within various room settings online, supporting decision-making with a visualisation of different wall colours and flooring options.

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