Site Construction Mat | Birketts

Site Construction Mat | Birketts

Construction mat specialist, Birketts, has launched the uniquely sized new Build Mat Pro oak mat, to change the current climate for housebuilders and developers tackling rain-sodden sites.

With dimensions of 5m x 1m x 85mm, the mat is the one for homebuilders left with a dilemma when having to choose between the industry’s standard choices, only available in thicknesses of either 70mm or 100mm.

At 85mm thickness, the mat is perfect for developers requiring safe site access for a range of plant, machinery and vehicles. With ground conditions in winter 2020 being some of the wettest on record, Build Mat Pro could not launch at a better time.

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As well as having an ideal thickness for the build market, Birketts Bogmats says this is also the best-priced ground mat available, whether for sale or hire. It is available on a next-day basis to sites UK wide and is durable enough to move between developments.

The Build Mat Pro offers a means to prevent downtime on-site and can quickly be delivered to projects that did not expect to require mats, but which have been caught out by back-to-back storms. Stability of machinery and vehicles is improved, underground services protected and health and safety enhanced.

Environmentally, Build Mat Pro prevents churn and ground contamination and is made from timber from sustainable sources, where FSC forestry management is practised.

With over 40 years of Birketts’ experience poured into this ideal access mat and haul road solution, plus literal ‘road-testing’ at Galion homebuilding sites in Somerset, Build Mat Pro is ready-to-go in the homebuild and developer market and ready to go big.

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