Doosan introduces first ‘Smart’ excavator

Doosan introduces first ‘Smart’ excavator

Doosan has launched the new DX225LC-7X – which the company describes as its first ‘Smart’ crawler excavator.

Designed to help operators work faster and more efficiently the DX225LC-7X offers a number of new features as standard, including Full Electric Hydraulic (FEH) technology.

Full Electric Hydraulic (FEH) technology is similar to the D-ECOPOWER VBO (virtual bleed off) system now incorporated on the standard DX225LC-7 model and all Doosan crawler excavators from the DX350LC-7 and above. In effect, the FEH is a VBO system without pilot pressure lines. The joysticks and pedals are fully electric, but give the operator the same feeling as hydraulic joysticks.

In the FEH system, an electric signal is sent to the central controller and as such is more precise and provides faster information. Back pressure and energy loss are therefore eliminated, by delivering the exact amount of oil needed. As the system does not utilise pilot pressure, energy is saved and there is a resultant fuel saving. 

In fact, the compansy says the FEH system offers an 8% less fuel burn compared to the D-ECOPOWER VBO system.

Other features include: Integrated 2D Machine Guidance, Semi-Automatic 2D Machine Control,    Laser Receiver, E-Fence Virtual Wall, and a Weighing System.

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