STA timber frame fire safety guidance

STA timber frame fire safety guidance

The Structural Timber Association (STA) has launched its ‘Designers Guide to Structural Timber Frame fire safety during construction’ video.

Funded by a CITB bid and produced with input from the HSE, the video succeeds the STA’s previous fire safety CPD, bringing legislation up to date and presenting the information in an easy to digest format.

The video enables architects, design and build managers and project architects to be aware of the potential fire risks during the construction phase of structural timber frame properties, and the key ways these risks can be mitigated.

Although focused on structural timber frame construction sites specifically, many of the practices and legislation requirements are applicable across other forms of construction.

 Andrew Carpenter, chief executive of the Structural Timber Association commented: “Following the high profile court case where the HSE fined an architects practice for not following the STA fire safety guidance, or undertaking an independent assessment, the HSE stated that ignorance of guidance is not an acceptable excuse and that design groups should obtain suitable training.

“This guidance video, along with its supporting documents, provide vital information to architects and site managers surrounding how to best prevent the construction phase fire risk.”

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