The Inside View | Bold Design

The Inside View | Bold Design

One of TikTok’s most popular interior design trends this year is maximalism, spaces that feature prominent, bold colours and diverse textures to demonstrate individual taste. Steve Hird, Director at interior design specialists, Edward Thomas Interiors shares how you can embrace this in your own home, and why being loud and proud about your décor is something to celebrate.

Widely acknowledged as the antithesis to the long-lasting minimalist trend, adopting a maximalist design approach is fundamentally about having fun and expressing your personality, and where better to do this than in your own home? Each room has character and brings its own joy through colourful, quirky and eclectic decor, avoiding any uniformity. Deliberately designed chaos, if you will. 

Colour and pattern form the backdrop for maximalism, and the bolder your choices the better. Wall treatments can include colour block painting, wooden or mirrored panelling and dramatic patterned wallpapers (think botanicals, florals, animal motifs) often side by side to be deliberately contrasting. But you can also inject colour through furniture choices by upcycling pre-loved pieces, or selecting kitchen cabinetry to make a statement – navy and forest green have become popular, and one of our latest installations has dusky pink. Don’t forget to look up too, ceilings are often overlooked but can really add depth and bring a design to life with artwork like hand painted murals. 

From here, think about textures. Earthy materials such as wood and stone help restore connections to nature, and can be softened with linen, wicker, rattan and cork alongside more luxurious fabrics such as velvet, silk or lace. Think about greenery too, maximalists believe the natural, sometimes rebellious shapes and drapes of plants only enhance the overall style.

At the heart of the maximalist design approach is the focus on individuality and an abundance of ‘things’ that you’ve layered into the design. So this could be unique furniture pieces like seating or a headboard, or more decorative items such as rugs, mirrors, soft furnishings or oversized light fittings. It’s also about curating meaningful collections; you could scour the local antiques market and display impressive vintage finds, scroll online marketplaces for animal themed accessories such as wall hooks, lamp bases or side tables, or perhaps you collect souvenirs and trinkets from your travels and could artfully arrange these as a reminder of where you’ve been? 

The key to developing a successful maximalist style throughout your home is finding some commonality, whether that’s a few colours, patterns or motifs, something to create a link. Although the essence of the trend is an ‘over-the-top’ visual explosion, you also want to create rooms that balance energy and homeliness, and avoid looking too cluttered. But that’s another TikTok trend altogether… 

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