Whirlpool adds new Dishwasher range

Whirlpool adds new Dishwasher range

Whirlpool has launched the SupremeClean dishwasher range with a new stylish contemporary design.

The new Whirlpool SupremeClean dishwashers have high pressure spray jets at the rear of the machine; the power jets are more powerful too; and the increased water pressure enables exceptional cleaning results. PowerClean Pro allows for large pots and pans to be placed vertically, allowing for better loading capacity, realising an extra 30 per cent space with no compromise on performance.

In addition, the new PowerDry dishwasher, available in both integrated and freestanding models, is energy efficient, carrying an A+++ energy rating and operates at a whisper quiet 43 dB(A). One model in the range benefits from an eco programme that uses just 6 litres of water for a full cycle.

Like many other Whirlpool models the new range features 6th Sense technology, and the intelligent sensor technology offers cleaning performance across the new range, while caring for delicate items. 6th Sense technology automatically detects the level of soiling and sets the washing programme automatically, according to the type and size of load, for effective and effortless results with less water, energy and time.

Steward Herd, Category Director, Built-in and Dishwashing, for Whirlpool, says: “Whirlpool believes in change for the better, and the stylish new dishwasher range is testament to our commitment to improving consumers’ lives. In this busy world, people need appliances that will free them up to spend time doing the things they really care about, alongside making savings on resources such as water and energy, and with the new Whirlpool dishwasher range, they can do just that, safe in the knowledge that their precious tableware will emerge safe, clean, and dry at the end of every cycle.”


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