Franke launches new Maris Drip Free Cooker Hood

Franke launches new Maris Drip Free Cooker Hood

Franke‘s new Maris Free cooker hood has been designed to prevent the occurrence of condensation to help keep the kitchen free of odours, achieved via its ‘drip free’ performance.

The technology means that no water droplets will fall down onto the hob or back into food.

The new hood features a heated glass panel and an additional heating element at the bottom which prevents the formation of water drips. It also has a specific thermo-resistance function, activated by the touch of a button, which directly tackles the moisture and condensation caused by the temperature differences between the hob’s hot cooking surface and the colder air under the hood which causes water droplets to form. 

The hood is suitable for use with any type of hob but is especially suited to induction hobs and the powerful boosts of temperature used during cooking for, example with woks.

The high-performance hood can be fitted for ducted extraction or in recirculating mode which, when coupled with an odour-banishing charcoal filter. 

Consisting of a single glass panel design, with no hinges or gaps, the hood features a glossy black control panel while the main section is a textured black matt finish. It measures 90cm wide, offers three operating speed settings plus intensive mode and has a quiet 56db sound level and an extraction rate of 600m3/h at the maximum setting. The Maris Drip Free Hood is A-Class energy rated.

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