Howdens | Heart of the Home

Howdens | Heart of the Home

With kitchens the hub of the home, getting their style and function right is crucial to house sales. PHPD talked to Tori Summers, director of product design and innovation, Howdens, to find out what’s hot and what’s not.

Q: What do you think are the main kitchen trends for 2023?

A: Energy, food, fuel – the cost of living continues to rise, so we all want our money to go further. This has increased demand for energy-efficient products to lower household bills. We are also seeing more multipurpose features being factored into kitchen designs to ensure every product works hard for its place in the home.

In celebration of everything that make us unique, interior palettes have diversified as buyers want the places they live to be personalised. From nature-led shades and uplifting brights to designs that mix a medley of hues – kitchen colour has become personal.

Blues and greens continue to top the colour charts thanks to their soothing shade. For an interior inspired by the natural world, greenery in the form of Chelford Fir Green or Hockley Reed Green provides a botanical base to build upon. Alternatively, the newest hues of marine blue offer jewelled, teal tones with the warmth of green and stately appeal of blue.

Vibrant yellows, rich reds, and very berry hues lift the spirits on dull days, making them an emerging colour that will shape interiors. Ready to customise in any shade, paintable kitchens let buyers embrace this colourful approach.

And why choose one colour when you can have two? As buyers become more adventurous with their palette, we see more two-tone schemes coming to the fore. Consider adding a bright pop to an island centrepiece or offer customised internal cupboard colours for a subtle take on this trending look.

The home should be a place to escape the outside world, which is why we are seeing more cosy interiors. Kitchens are swaying towards safe and soothing colours, while tactile materials add a grounding tactic to settle the senses.

Q: Dark blue and green kitchens have been all the rage. Will this keep up throughout 2023 or is this fading? 

A: Colour within kitchen design is a trend that is gaining popularity, as people want their home spaces to convey their personalities. Green kitchens in particular have become a firm favourite. Choosing gree  is a way of instantly bringing the outside in, and it partners well with natural materials like wood and stone, for a layered effect inspired by nature

Similarly, the popularity of dark blue kitchens are gaining momentum as we enter 2023. A deeper shade can enrich a space, and give an opulent and luxury feel. New marine-blue colours work brilliantly with marble-effect surfaces and brushed brass accessories.

Q: What about the importance of larder and storage, keeping things hidden and organised vs. open shelves and showing off/displaying possessions?

A: When considering storage solultions there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach. Personal preference and design style plays a huge part in how homeowners decide what to do. Many of us will have the idea of keeping our work surfaces clutter-free with items hidden out of sight and out of mind using clever solutions like storage towers.

However, more creative and expressive types will find that open-shelving displaying crockery and pantry items on display will help fuel their creativity in the kitchen, so opting for more of a maximalist style may be their preference.

Q: Are brass and metals also going to become more popular as added touches?

A: The brilliant thing about brass is the breadth of versatility that is has when pairing it with the overall design of a kitchen. The range of colour schemes that pair perfectly and are enhanced by brash finishings is vast, stretching from the lightest neutrals to dark, rich shades. For the maximalist, mixing metals offers an eclectic, ‘more is more’ finish to the kitchen, to create a sense of vibrancy.

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