New Sona fire protection and CO range

New Sona fire protection and CO range

Sprue Safety Products has launched a new SONA range of fire and CO detection devices.

With the aim of delivering enhanced levels of safety for householders and property the new range utilises advanced, intelligent sensor technology combined with an ‘always-on guarantee’.

The new SONA range consists of a mains-powered Thermoptek multi-sensor smoke alarm, Thermistek heat alarm, Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarm and Alarm Control Unit, all offering faster detection of smoke, heat and CO to help alert householders to danger more quickly.

The Thermoptek multi-sensor technology detects both fast flaming and slow smoldering fires in a single alarm, while the SONA heat alarm uses innovative Thermistek technology to constantly monitor the rate of temperature rise.

Also included in the new SONA range are alarm solutions for those with hearing impairment including a Low Frequency Sounder and Strobe & Pad that uses strobe light and vibrations to alert householders to the presence of fire and CO.

For integrated whole house protection, the entire range can be wirelessly networked using SONA’s Wi-Safe 2 RF communication technology. In the event of any one single device being triggered, all other alarms in the network will sound with the same alarm pattern, making it easier to identify whether it is a fire or CO incident. Up to 50 alarms can be meshed in one network, with the option of hard-wiring the alarms also available.

The alarms feature a sealed for life tamper-proof battery back-up, eliminating the need for constant recharge from mains power, helping to minimise energy consumption. Thanks to the slim mounting bases and aesthetic design across the range, SONA alarms complement any contemporary interior and are simple to install and commission.

Jeremy Roberts, Trade Sales Director, said: “Fire protection is of the utmost importance but with so many options available within the marketplace, selection of the correct product can seem difficult. The new SONA range not only helps to keep specification as simple as possible but is able to monitor more risks when compared to traditional solutions, offering the highest levels of fire and carbon monoxide protection.”

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