Under stairs storage solutions

Under stairs storage solutions

Inside any home, one of the most pressing issues for buyers is storage. PHPD speaks to Claire Kenny and Lorraine Donovan, Business Development Managers at Smart Storage, about the company’s range of solutions.


Q. A recent NHBC Foundation/Savills report suggests that overall living space is one of the priorities of buyers of new homes. What role can storage solutions play in creating desirable homes?

The report by The NHBC Foundation and Savills demonstrates that the size and design of the living space is of particular importance to buyers of all categories, including upsizers and downsizers. Similarly, our studies have highlighted a significant interest from new buyers in storage space, with more than 70% of homeowners indicating that newly built homes lack adequate storage space for their needs.

We understand that space is at a premium in new homes within housing developments and we aim to resolve this with our innovative under stairs storage units. The units allow space to be maximised in every house type without altering the interior layout of the new-build. They can be incorporated into the design and planning of new developments or can be added to any house type at all stages of a development.

Of all rooms within the home, the hallway receives the most footfall. The installation of an under stairs storage solution ensures that homeowners step into a clutter- and stress-free oasis. The units neatly store the unsightly items which traditionally clutter the hallway such as shoes, school bags, coats, ironing boards, luggage and golf bags. The minimalist and discreet design enables our storage units to integrate seamlessly with the design of modern homes, whilst removing the need for unattractive hangers, storage racks and shelving.

Organised under-stairs storage can help de-clutter a home

Q. How can storage solutions be designed into new properties to maximise usable space?

It is essential that innovative and customer focused storage solutions are incorporated into the design of newly built homes. We believe that the focus must be on consumer usability rather than just following along with the traditional building styles and layouts which have been popular over the last century.

Perhaps it’s time to take a look at completely overhauling the design of our homes. However, these changes are unlikely to happen over the next decade. Until then we must look at using the non-traditional spaces within homes as clever, efficient solutions. These should be viewed not only as storage solutions but as a new function or design feature within the home.

Q. Are there any design constraints that housebuilders need to be aware of when including under stairs storage?

Our storage units are designed to suit straight and winder staircases of all pitches. The variety of Staircase Storage solutions available ensure that the units fit neatly beneath any staircase. However, utilities under the stairs can sometimes impede upon the installation of our storage units.

Therefore, when designing an under stairs space, we recommend placing the utilities at the taller end of the available space. The optimal placement of the utilities beneath the staircase maximises the time-efficiency and ease of installation of the storage unit.

However, there is always room to work around such constraints.


Q. From where did the idea behind Staircase Storage originate?

Staircase Storage is the business-to-business division of consumer brands Smart Storage and Clever Closet. The company originated as a solution to a storage crisis faced by CEO Paul Jacob. Faced with a growing ‘shoe crisis’, Paul designed an under stairs storage unit for his own home. The product was then showcased on Dragon’s Den and expansion quickly began throughout Ireland and the UK as a direct to consumer product.

With appearances on ‘Dragon’s Den’, ‘Double your House for Half the Money’, and Peter Andre’s ‘60 Minute Makeover’, the brand is instantly recognisable amongst consumers and potential home buyers. More than 30,000 patent-approved storage units have been fitted to date.

In recent years, our business-to-business department has been established enabling us to develop partnerships with leading architects, designers, interior designers and building developers. Today, we work closely with the construction industry across Ireland and the UK. We are currently working closely with leading developers including Brampton Valley Homes, Higgins Homes, Flynn O’Flaherty, Westin Homes, O’Flynn Construction, Glenveigh and many more.

Q. Does the company offer design advice and installation services to housebuilders?

Yes, the Staircase Storage team are experienced in reviewing drawings and offering expert design advice on the most suitable storage solutions for each residential house type.

While we can offer an installation service, our waiting times are a minimum of six weeks. However, delivery of flat pack units is guaranteed within 10 working days. Therefore, as part of our trade partnerships, we provide full installation training for construction teams to enable them to professionally fit the units within their own time-frames.

We offer a dedicated key account manager for each development to provide advice and support throughout the entire sales process.

For more information visit https://clevercloset.co.uk/

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