Front door fundamentals

Front door fundamentals

In a competitive market housebuilders need to ensure that their new-build developments stand out. Patrick Dean, Head of Sales and Marketing at Door-Stop, explores some of the ‘front door fundamentals’ which could make a considerable difference in terms of buyer satisfaction.

Homebuyers can, understandably, be demanding customers, making it vital for housebuilders to ensure they are producing high-quality builds, with equally high-quality fittings and finishes. A front door, while an essential part of any building, can in fact speak volumes about a property; either enhancing or retracting from the overall aesthetic, and even reflect upon the developer.

Fortunately, there are a variety of ways in which a housebuilder can easily improve the appearance and quality of the front doors on their builds and ensure the development stands out from the competition.

The first thing to consider is structure. The majority of new-build houses are likely to have composite doors installed, being both more secure and energy efficient than the PVC alternative, as well as having a long life-span and minimum maintenance required. While composite doors remain an excellent choice, a housebuilder looking for a specification upgrade could instead consider a solid-core door.

Door-Stop’s collection of Solid Core doors are manufactured with a Nordic pine-wood core and encased in glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) – the same material that is used to build boat hulls. The end result is a door that has exceptional strength, resilient against potential break-in attempts and capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions season after season – providing the homeowner with the assurance that their home is protected by a strong and sturdy door.

Looking good
Next is aesthetics. If you visit a new housing development, you will likely be greeted by a sea of black, white or brown doors. However, this doesn’t have to be the case, as with such a wide array of colours available, it has never been easier for housebuilders to add a pop of colour to a property and transform both it and the street on which it is situated. A vibrant poppy red (pictured left) would be sure to catch the eye of any potential buyers. Alternatively, duck-egg blue (below) or Chartwell green are perfect for a housing development that takes its design inspiration from a more traditional, period style.

A recent addition to the market is the ‘colour on both sides option’. Whereas the standard door offering only has colour on the outside of the door, some manufacturers now allow housebuilders to specify a colour for both sides, providing an opportunity to bring character and personalisation to the internal hallway of the property – a potentially unique selling point.

Safe and sound
A final thing for housebuilders to consider when specifying front doors is security. When purchasing a house, the owner will understandably want assurance that their new home is safe from any potential intruders. It is therefore worthwhile for housebuilders to consider specifying high-quality locks for the properties, providing potential buyers with added peace of mind and comfort.

There are a multitude of high-quality door locks available, such as the Ultion cylinder. Renowned as being one of the most secure door locks on the market, Ultion has successfully passed all major British Standards tests thanks to its ‘lock down’ mode, which is able to detect forced entry and automatically activate an additional attack lock directly into the central cam.

What’s more, if a housebuilder orders a Door-Stop door with an Ultion lock, Door-Stop provides the Secure Guarantee – a promise that, should an intruder gain access through the Ultion cylinder, the homeowner will receive both a replacement door and £1,000. The provision of this guarantee could potentially encourage buyers to purchase the property, as opposed to one with a sub-standard door lock installed.

It is evident that, by investing more attention into the specification stage, housebuilders could greatly enhance the appearance, quality and security of the front doors and, in turn, the properties themselves. Providing higher quality finishes, a more vibrant or individual design or colour and offering buyers additional benefits and assurances, such as the Secure Guarantee, could all contribute to a housebuilder’s position at the forefront of an otherwise heavily competitive market.

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