Indoor air quality sensors launched by Envirovent

Indoor air quality sensors launched by Envirovent

Ventilation manufacturer EnviroVent has launched AirSens, a range of indoor air quality (IAQ) sensors that have been specifically designed to be used with the company’s ventilation systems.

The range was released in response to customer demand for a high quality IAQ sensor which could monitor the quality of the air within a building, to ensure better health, well-being and comfort for its occupants. 

AirSens is available in three different versions; to monitor carbon dioxide (CO2), volatile organic compounds (VOC) or relative humidity (RH).  AirSens CO2 is recommended for homes where occupancy can be variable during the day; AirSens VOC is a versatile sensor  that monitors the accumulation of substance-derived odours, including VOCs such as alcohols, aldehydes, ketones and organic acids. AirSens RH, is a sensor that monitors the relative humidity and is recommended where humidity is variable or tends to be concentrated excessively.

Rebecca McLean, Marketing & Product Director at EnviroVent, said: “These latest additions to our range play an important part in ensuring good indoor air quality.  Awareness of the importance of IAQ is increasing for homes and offices and AirSens enables a building owner or occupant to quickly and easily recognise if their air quality is excellent, good or poor.  With three different types of sensor available, users can now choose the correct sensor that is most suitable for their home or workplace.”

The new AirSens range features a patented design and has a front LED indicator, which provides a simple way of monitoring indoor air quality.

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