New Unico white paper addresses air conditioning choices and performance

New Unico white paper addresses air conditioning choices and performance

A new White Paper from Unico System UK examines the relative performance of traditional air conditioning systems in comparison with the company’s own Small Duct High Velocity (SDHV) technology.

Essential reading for building professionals, the 16-page publication looks in depth at the key issues in the specification and provision of efficient cooling, heating, ventilation and filtered air within residential properties, together with the need for effective humidity control.

The author of this authoritative paper, “Reduced Humidity, Improved Indoor Air Quality, Building Preservation and Optimum Living Space” is Richard Soper, CBE, Consultant for Unico System in the UK and formerly Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Bosch Thermotechnology. He is a past President of the Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating (CIPHE), alongside many other industry accomplishments, and has active involvement with the Construction Products Association.

The Unico White Paper has been published at a time when, according to the Met Office, changes in climate saw the UK experience its joint hottest summer in 2022, with four of the five warmest summers on record occurring since 2003. Consequently, interest in climate control for the home is increasing dramatically and looks set to accelerate further in years to come. Set against this background, and the need to consider some of the key issues of indoor air comfort, Unico System’s new publication is very timely.

It addresses the principles and compares the performance of conventional air conditioning solutions with those of Unico’s own all-on-one SDHV system. It looks at specification and living space considerations as well as examining the topics of indoor air quality and relative humidity.

The White Paper also draws upon the company’s United States heritage and over 25 years’ market experience. It is estimated that some 90% of homes in the US already have some form of air conditioning and extensive research has been undertaken, particularly on indoor air quality and the potential detrimental effects of humidity in terms of occupant well being and potential long term damage to the fabric of buildings. Unico SDHV systems are already addressing these issues within 1000s of North American homes. 

Information on the UK government’s Heat and Buildings Strategy, which sets out the plan to significantly cut carbon emissions from the UK’s 30 million homes and workplaces is provided. This is discussed in conjunction with the PAS 2035 specification for an approach to the ‘whole-house’ or ‘whole building’ retrofit of energy efficiency measures.        

Copies of the White Paper are also available to download at

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