Hörmann UK introduces new style of sectional garage door

Hörmann UK introduces new style of sectional garage door

Hörmann UK, is transforming sectional garage doors with the launch of its new aluminium frame sectional garage door.

The new aluminium system, ART 42, can be personalised with a range of infill options, enabling housebuilders to maximise the available natural light. Customers can select from a range of 11 finishes, from synthetic double pane grey tinted glazing, to perforated stainless steel.

The aluminium frame can be coated in 15 different colours, or can be colour matched to complement existing windows and entrance doors. This enables professionals to move away from the ‘one size fits all’ approach of traditional garage doors, providing the flexibility for housebuilders to create a distinct exterior to a property.

Also available for side garage doors, the ART 42 features a streamlined design. For enhanced thermal performance, it is available with a thermal break to improve insulation levels.

David O’Mara, Marketing Manager for Hörmann UK, said: “Throughout Hörmann’s longstanding history, the design, supply and manufacture of garage doors has remained at the very core of the business. It’s this continuous research and development and commitment to providing the most innovative garage doors that has led to the launch of our new ART 42 sectional range.”

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