Garage doors gain the desigenr look

Garage doors gain the desigenr look

The Duragrain finish

The latest garage door innovations could add substantial kerb appeal to a property.

For many, garage doors are largely viewed as a necessity. Add to this the fact that white is the most specified colour and it is should be little surprise that they are often overlooked during design discussions. Which is odd: with such a large surface area, a garage door can constitute significant portion of the exterior of a new home, significantly affecting the kerb appeal of a property.

But there is the potential for this functional product to jump towards the top of the list of exterior design consideration, thanks to the new Duragrain range from Garador.

An entirely new collection of sectional garage doors, the company’s Duragrain range feature realistic timber, natural stone or metal illustrations printed onto the outside surface of the garage door. These new designs offer customers an graphical alternative to the paint and timber effect finishes currently available on the market.

The range is comprised of 24 decorative colour finishes which include five natural stone printed decors, 18 timber printed decors and one metal printed décor. The development of this new printing technology opens up a whole new realm of possibilities for garage door panel design, with the most unusual and unique surface finishes now possible.

The natural timber finish

Under development
The new Duragrain surface finish has been in development for some time, as Garador’s Managing Director Neil Discombe explained: “Duragrain has been in development for a number of years, but we think it has been well worth the wait and the results really do speak for themselves.”

Neil continued: “We don’t think homeowners will be disappointed with their new Duragrain sectional garage doors. The intricacies of the natural stone and timber prints are quite astonishing.”

Robust finish
Duragrain has also been engineered to last, with the inclusion of a special protective coating on the outside of the door. This protective coating is scratch-resistant, defending the underlying print from the effects of weathering and any little knocks life throws at it. Furthermore, the inks used to print the decors are UV-resistant and colourfast, meaning that they won’t fade or wash out over time.

The new range is based on the company’s tried-and-trusted sectional garage doors which have excellent thermal insulation properties with 42mm insulated door sections, sturdy rubber seals on the base, sides and fascia of the door, as well as the black plastic frame leg plate to protect against corrosion.

The new Duragrain decors offer many alternatives when designing the garage and surrounding property, adding another dimension to overall design aspirations as specifiers are no longer bound by the limitations of colour ranges.


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