Can a garage door add kerb appeal?

Can a garage door add kerb appeal?

A garage door can make a big difference to the overall style and kerb appeal of a property. David O’Mara, Marketing Manager at Hörmann UK, shares some insight into how housebuilders can maximise profit margins and create stand out properties by thinking more carefully about the features and benefits of garage doors.

Whilst the original up-and-over garage door has remained a classic addition for traditional style properties, there’s a raft of innovations, technologies and designs now available to housebuilders. For example, sectional garage doors are the ideal choice for housebuilders looking to create an internal garage that may be used for functional purposes, such as a workshop or gym studio. By offering homeowners the option of increasing their potential living space, housebuilders can present a more attractive prospect to buyers that offers greater value for money.

Double-skinned sectional doors are the unsung hero of the industry, offering superior thermal insulation, ideal for garages that will be in constant use. Hörmann UK’s double-skinned sectional garage doors feature either 42mm or 67mm thick sections with thermal breaks for outstanding thermal performance, achieving an impressive U-value of 1.0 W/(m².K) for the 67mm model. This can be improved by a further 15% with the installation of Hörmann’s ThermoFrame, which provides a thermal break between the frame and brickwork to prevent any potential heat transfer.

The additional benefit of sectional garage doors is the creative freedom they offer housebuilders, with a wide range of finishes, designs and styles readily available, supported by the added benefit of customisable extras, such as glazed panels and house numbers.

Latest innovations, such as Hörmann’s new ART 42 range, features an aluminium frame that can be personalised with a range of infill options to not only maximise on the available natural light, but add a personal touch to each individual property. Housebuilders can select from a range of 11 finishes, from synthetic double pane grey tinted glazing, to perforated stainless steel.

This is also supported by Hörmann’s new 24 Duragrain finishes, which again enables professionals to move away from the ‘one size fits all’ approach of traditional garage doors, providing the flexibility to create a unique exterior to their property that won’t be replicated on any other on the development. This is extremely important in the age of personalisation, where prospective buyers want a home constructed from the highest quality building materials, but a home that doesn’t look identical to the property next door.

Duragrain is a printed finish that contains a protective exterior coating to provide an ultra scratch-resistant surface finish, whilst also offering a wide range of visual styles, from concrete to Walnut.

Larger homes
For larger scale plots that have the scope for a separate double garage, housebuilders should consider all options at the initial design stages to not only increase the value of the property, but ensure the doors chosen are fit for purpose. Today, the average car size has increased significantly, requiring garages to become wider and taller. For separate garages, this can be achieved easier than with integral garages, but security should also play an important factor in the decision process to offer homeowners additional peace of mind.

Here roller garage doors and overhead garage doors should be considered as they open vertically, requiring minimum space inside the garage, which is ideal for homeowners that have 4X4 vehicles such as Range Rovers and Land Rovers. For larger-scale garages, complementary side doors should also be considered, providing homeowners with the freedom to access the garage quickly and easily through a smaller-scale door that has a matching exterior for enhanced visual appeal. Hörmann’s side door NT 60 is available in the same surface finishes and colours of its garage door offering, for greater kerb appeal and ease of use.

Security upgrade
For additional security and enhanced usability, all of Hörmann’s roller garage doors are supplied with an automatic operator as standard, providing homeowners with the convenience of opening and closing the door via a hand transmitter that cannot be intercepted by a potential thief. The operator also ensures smoother door travel for greater service life, eliminating the costly requirement of frequent maintenance and replacement of parts.

With the single push of a button, homeowners can also check whether the garage door has been accidentally left open, instantly shutting it to prevent potential access for criminals. Homeowners can do this from the comfort of their own home, eliminating the need to physically go outside to the garage to check.

Overhead space
For more specialised requirements, a HST side sliding sectional door is the most efficient choice, maximising all internal space. As the garage door opens to the side, rather than vertically, this is particularly effective for housebuilders who cannot get the door leaf flush to the garage ceiling due to a sloped roof, low lintel or the presence of drain pipes.

As the garage door can also be operated via handheld control, it offers homeowners enhanced ease of use, whilst the movement is controlled by twin rollers constructed of wear-resistant plastic for smooth door operation. The bottom aluminium floor rail also provides added structure and prevents sections from swivelling out during operation.

Whilst garage doors must be considered with as much importance as entrance doors and windows during the initial design stages, housebuilders should consider using manufacturers that offer complementary ranges to enable a cohesive and effective exterior style. Housebuilders should also work closely with the manufacturer from the very start to ensure the most suitable and efficient solutions are chosen for each individual plot and available space.

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