Bathroom Heating | Vogue

Bathroom Heating | Vogue

Vogue has launched a pioneering heating design branded Astute: a contemporary, lightweight heating solution designed for easy installation and optimum efficiency.

Constructed from aluminium, the new Astute Towel Warmer is extremely flexible, its lightweight core material means you can install this type of heating solution on all types of internal wall: stud or solid. Recognised as a super conductor of heat for greater efficiency in the bathroom, aluminium offers a high BTU output so the new Astute by Vogue (UK) will rapidly heat-up to ensure warm dry towels in an instant.

Becoming the eco-friendly heating solution for 2020, aluminium towel rails and radiators are kinder to the environment. Plus, the new Astute Towel Warmer offers a very low water content and if less water is required to heat-up, then it will work faster to respond to changes in the room heat requirement and reduce the potential for heat loss.

Steve Birch, Sales Director, Vogue (UK) explains “The desire for versatile, energy-efficient solutions in the home has given us the opportunity to create new designs which are lightweight, non-polluting, durable and most of all, visually appealing. Our new Astute aluminium towel warmer is practical in its design and functionality, and is driven by this growing shift towards eco-friendly products and a more sustainable home and lifestyle.”

Astute by Vogue (UK) is contemporary by design and is perfectly suited to a modern bathroom scheme, which is minimalist and plays with the idea of simple shapes, colour and texture. The new Astute is designed with 10 generous cross bars, made-up of a 3-3-4 layout. Each formation is ergonomically designed with a subtle camber to provide secure towel drying and more compelling profile.

Available in two cutting-edge finishes by Vogue (UK), the new Astute in either Anthracite or White is bang on-trend for 2020, able to capture a sense of simplistic beauty that is sleek and modern. Manufactured from high quality lightweight aluminium, Astute offers ample space to warm and dry your towels and its high heat output of 778/2655 Watts/BTU’s guarantees a cosy bathroom environment.

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