Aluminium Radiators | Vasco

Aluminium Radiators | Vasco

Vasco’s 100% recycled aluminium radiator collections deliver unique technical advantages including excellent heat conduction, high output in low temperature systems, light material and eye-catching designs – not to mention they’re sustainability.

Vasco process, melt and extrude aluminium waste to create unique new designer radiators, such as the aluminium Oni and Beams Mono collections, which are also now available as electronic versions -EL. These provide an alternative cost-efficient and user-friendly solution to traditional hydronic heating solutions and save money as they operate on a Plug & Plays-system which is not linked to a central heating installation.

Vasco’s innovative portfolio of designer radiators, which have been honoured with internationally renowned design awards, such as the iF award, combine energy-efficient heating and functionality into state-of-the-art design, suitable for all rooms within the home or commercial environment. Comfortable, stylish design combined with sustainable manufacturing to deliver an innovative 360 degrees approach.

Oni remains Vasco’s thinnest radiator even in its new electric models with a depth of just 8mm, whilst Beams Mono combines all the benefits of electric heating with purity of design – a real musthave for those who love a minimalist look! During the development process of the Beams Mono-EL, Vasco designers had to pull out all the stops to be able to integrate an electrical resistance in the sleek vertical profiles (width 150 mm). Beams Mono-EL designer radiator can be displayed as a single profile up to three vertical profile installations. The profiles have been fitted with additional fins to increase the heat output.

Both the Oni-EL and Beams Mono-EL meet strict European Ecodesign standards for electrical appliances. Oni-EL models provide an impressive heat output of 750 watt at 1400mm height or 1000 watt at 1800mm height and the Beams Mono-EL delivers 950 Watt per 150mm wide profile.

Aluminium designer radiators save energy in 3 ways:

Fast reaction time – The core of an aluminium radiator contains only two litres of water, whereas a classic radiator will easily contain ten litres. As a direct result, an aluminium radiator will react almost instantly to the heating temperature set on the thermostat, yielding a much higher efficiency.

Maximum heat output – The optimal conductivity characteristics of aluminium radiators ensure maximum heat output, even in low temperature systems. A low water temperature setting automatically reduces energy consumption.

Excellent radiation heat – The optimum combination of convection and radiant heat in aluminium radiators creates a comfortable feeling of warmth in the room.

Stylish, pure and beautiful to look at, Vasco designer radiators are available in 56 contemporary colours, including new Noble colours: Pink, Silver, Pearl Beige, Gold Curry and Bronze. Finding the perfect accent or statement colour designer radiators has never been easier and with optional complementing towel rails available in a variety of colours and styles, these further enhance the functionality of the radiators, demonstrating the perfect blend of design and functionality.

With the new Vasco-Inspiration app, which utilises Augmented Reality, it is now possible to visualise your Vasco radiator and seek inspirational ideas. Using a multitude of customising options; colours, styles and collections to choose from, the Vasco-Inspiration app brings your interior design vision to life.

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