Aluminium Balcony | Dura Composites

Aluminium Balcony | Dura Composites

Dura Deck Aluminium gives developers and contractors the ultimate peace of mind when it comes to finding new or replacement balcony decking for applications over 11 metres in height or that require an A2 fire rating.

With a market-leading A2fl-s1 rating and made from high-grade T6 aluminium, Dura Deck Aluminium is tested according to genuine install methodology on a horizontal plane.

Dura Deck Aluminium is available in three colours and can be used in a variety of applications, including high-rise residential and commercial buildings, hospitals, schools, universities and public buildings. Its unique interlocking design ensures that the decking boards are easy to install, regardless of application, with bespoke finishing trims that provide an attractive, contemporary appearance.

Strong, long-lasting and cost-effective, Dura Deck Aluminium is made from high-grade T6 aluminium and is ideal for any application that requires an A2 Fire Rating in accordance with BS EN 13501, such as residential and mixed-use developments, schools, universities, hospitals and libraries, and much more.

The innovative, patent-pending tongue-and-groove design of Dura Deck Aluminium features a double skin with a grooved surface and a uniform underside to prevent water forming below the decking area.

With a 150mm visible face, the decking board boasts an integrated gutter system, channelling water away from your structure to create a beautiful, low maintenance deck and a usable, dry space below, whilst simultaneously creating an attractive integrated soffit detail.

The plank-look surface features the latest technology and can be installed rapidly as no clips are required. The boards span up to 1m (based on stringent 2019 2kN load criteria according to BS 6399-1:1996).

The lightweight 27mm profile means it is ideal for new builds as well as refurbishments where the fire ratings of existing 28mm timber decking are insufficient. The unique surface keeps cool in hot weather and has low slip potential in all directions.

The benefits of Dura Deck Aluminium:

Save money on your substructure – The innovative patent-pending design spans up to 1 metre, meaning you can save valuable time and money on your substructure.

Best-in-Class Slip Resistance – Dura Deck Aluminium achieves a low lip potential under the AS Slider Pendulum test, ensuring safety for all users.

Heat Resistance – Unlike many other decking planks, Dura Deck Aluminium dissipates heat, resulting in a cool deck surface all year round.

Low Maintenance – The aluminium decking is easy to clean and maintain, making it perfect for residential and commercial spaces.

High Load and Deflection Performance – The performance under both point load and crowd loading is available for you to view at any time. Our test data meets the requirements of the most recent 2.0kN point load @ 0.5% deflection (L/200) BS 6399-1:1996) standard.

Dura Deck Aluminium’s lightweight design and hard-wearing composition makes it a perfect choice for a range of applications.

It’s fire-resistance and compliance with EU and UK government recommendations mean that it’s great for terraces and balconies on buildings over 18 metres in height. Even if fire safety is not a consideration, they offer a sleek, contemporary finish to any project.

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