ACO unveils new storm water control systems

ACO unveils new storm water control systems

With a view to minimising the effects of flash flooding on domestic properties, ACO Water Management has launched a new range of backflow valves to protect against the effects of grey water ingress.

Flooding is now a year-round problem for the UK, with the Environment Agency estimating that 80% of UK buildings are at risk from backflow flooding; where grey water from the sewer network overflows back into properties through floor drains and gullies.

With many properties across the country ill-equipped to deal with the long-term effects of storm water infiltration, ACO has added a series of easy-to-fit solutions to its Building + Landscape product range, which can quickly put a stop to backflow ingress.

The ACO Junior backflow floor drain is a type 5 anti-flooding device for grey water applications. Featuring a removable grating for ease of access, as well as both a sludge and foul air trap with 60mm water seal, the drain design employs two gravity closure devices, one of which is an emergency seal which can be operated manually, to protect against backflow water.

Also employing double backflow flaps with a manual lock, the ACO Triplex is a type 2 passive anti-flooding device. With a fully sealed cover which provides simple maintenance access, the ACO Triplex range is available to suit 110mm and 160mm pipes. If backflow occurs, the water will force shut the Triplex’s primary flap. Its secondary flap then provides additional safety to ensure that backflow is prevented if the first flap should fail to close properly due to obstruction.

Completing the range is the ACO Quatrix type 3 automated anti-flooding device for black and grey water applications. When backflow occurs, reversing the direction of flow, water will reach a certain level within the pipe and activate a pressure sensor, which causes the motorised flap to shut, and prevent further grey water from entering the drain.

The new products are designed for use in utility rooms and basements in both new-build and refurbishment projects, and conform to the BS EN 13564 standard for anti-flooding devices for buildings.

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