Landscapers should use World Water Day to promote sustainable drainage

Landscapers should use World Water Day to promote sustainable drainage

Landscapers are being urged to use World Water Day 2022 to promote sustainable practices when it comes to water management in gardens, according to ACO.

Held on 22 March, World Water Day highlights the importance of fresh water, as well as advocating the sustainable management of fresh water resources. With the Association of Professional Landscapers (APL) already creating ambitious targets to make water management more sustainable, ACO believes landscapers have an opportunity to promote more environmentally friendly practices when designing gardens.

The APL has recently introduced a target for its members to deliver an aggregate 40% increase in the proportion of water that comes from non-mains and re-used water sources, such as rainwater and run-off capture. According to ACO, responsible water management is going to be key for landscapers, as the recent surge in demand for home improvements looks set to continue.

A recent study conducted by Flooring Superstore has suggested that well-maintained gardens and driveways are among the home improvements that have the potential to significantly add value to a property. However, while much of the focus on garden improvements falls on the aesthetic appeal, sustainable practices should be a key priority, ACO’s Oliver Collins explains:

“Historically, the look and feel of a garden space has always been the number one priority for both homeowners and designers alike. However, we are starting to see a shift towards sustainable solutions driven by industry. The APL, for example, has created ambitious targets for its members to reduce carbon, chemical and peat-based products in projects. Homes and gardens in the UK play a pivotal role in supporting the climate and landscapers must ensure they are aware of the different solutions available to them, especially if demand for renovations continues.”

According to ACO, one way this can be achieved is through sustainable drainage systems (SuDS), which aim to efficiently manage surface rainfall run-off by controlling the rate and volume, relieving pressure on sewerage systems, and mimicking natural drainage. ACO recently launched a guide for sustainable design, supporting landscapers implement best practice to support the environment. The handbook offers guidance on legislative updates and outlines the ways in which SuDS can be easily adopted into new garden projects.

Oliver Collins adds: “We are always looking for ways to support the industry in understanding how drainage and water management can play a role in delivering sustainable projects. Climate change is at the front of everyone’s minds. We hope our guide can not only support landscapers and designers with the knowledge required to implement sustainable drainage but offer inspiration on how to design practical solutions.”

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