MuckStopper launches to stop debris on construction sites from polluting the UK’s drainage system

MuckStopper launches to stop debris on construction sites from polluting the UK’s drainage system

Drainage specialist Drainfast has launched the MuckStopper – a new product range engineered to stop mud and building site debris from entering manholes on construction sites and polluting underground drainage systems.

The new MuckStopper product range includes the MuckStopper 450, described as an easy-to-fit, pre-constructed product that is designed to capture building materials that fall into a UK standard 450mm drainage inspection chamber. The product arrives as a complete system and can be installed at the same time as the underground drainage system. It also arrives with an extendable pole to retrieve debris that is captured by the product in the deeper chamber shafts and is easily removed at the end of a building project.

Similarly, the new MuckStopper 600 solves the same problem, but for larger manholes with 600mm access. Acting as a secondary manhole cover, the MuckStopper 600 is installed between two courses of brickwork. It works by forming a completely watertight seal to the opening of larger manholes. Its robust, watertight, removable lid allows chamber access while still preventing mud, silt, dirt, and other debris from entering the drainage system.

Both the MuckStopper 450 and the MuckStopper 600 can be removed and reused at the end of a building project. 

Peter James, Managing Director of MuckStopper commented: “Our philosophy is all about innovating to solve the problems that groundworks professionals face every day. Following the success of the SiteStak System, we’ve spent years working with grounds workers to identify solutions to some of the biggest challenges they face. One such challenge is the extent to which mud, silt, rubble and even litter enters, and subsequently blocks, drainage systems. The feedback we get from grounds workers about this issue is that it is increasingly widespread. Removing waste lodged in drainage systems can also be costly and these materials can pollute the UK drainage system too.”

The new MuckStopper product range was recently revealed for the first time at Hillhead 2022 – a quarrying exhibition show based in Buxton, Derbyshire.

According to Drainfast’s poll of 363 construction professionals, 98% of building trade professionals are concerned about the environmental impact of waste entering manholes from building sites.

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