Roofshield helps in refurbishment of Northern Ireland church

Roofshield helps in refurbishment of Northern Ireland church

The Roofshield membrane from the A. Proctor Group has been used to help protect the heritage of St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Bangor, enabling it to continue serving the local community.

The current church building opened in 1957 and as part of a £10,000 Cornerstone grant, the redevelopment works at St Andrew’s will include replacement of the roof, repairs to the heating system, and a building extension.

Architects Knox and Markwell, specialists in church design and conservation projects, will lead the project design. Specialist roofing contractor D. Harkin & Co. Roofing will carry out the roofing works.

D. Harkin chose the Roofshield roofing membrane to provide a pitched roof underlay, which is both air and vapour permeable. The characteristics of the product allow complex pitched roofs to breathe without the need for air gaps or secondary venting.

Incorporating Roofshield into the roofing design can also lead to savings in labour and material costs due to removing the need for an additional VCL.

The air permeability performance of Roofshield means that the roof space will result in similar air changes to that of a roof using traditional eaves/ridge ventilation. One of the performance characteristics of Roofshield is its patented SMS (Spunbond Meltblown Spunbond) structure, which allows high levels of airflow and the transport of moisture vapour which, the company says, makes the formation of condensation in the roof space ‘virtually impossible’.

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