Exova BM TRADA – timber frame training

Exova BM TRADA – timber frame training

Training provider, Exova BM TRADA, will be running its timber frame training programme during 2016. The training is focused on providing specialist and technical training in a range of timber frame and structural timber techniques.

As the use of Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) increases within modern building systems, the first one-day course will focus on its benefits, usage and applications. CLT’s course provides examples and understanding about how it can work within projects, plus the pitfalls to avoid.  With specific details on pre-processing off site, design principles and detailing, standards and manufacturer as well as issues such as shrinkage and fire and engineering design guidance; the course is an essential tool in understanding this modern method of construction.

The CLT training is on Tuesday 1 March in High Wycombe and is aimed at contractors, architects, building contractors, developers, building inspectors, timber frame manufacturers, engineers and clerks of works.

A second one day course in High Wycombe, on Wednesday 9 March, will be Timber Frame Construction.  This course provides a better understanding of timber frame during design, construction and end use.  It is aimed at architects, building contractors, developers, building inspectors, timber frame manufacturers, quantity surveyors and clerks of works.

Third in the series will be Timber Frame for Engineers on Thursday 14 April.  This relatively new course looks at the fundamentals of timber frame construction from an engineering perspective. Covering the concept of timber frame, its components, design and best practice guidelines, the course is designed for understanding the engineering aspects of timber frame and to study some design and concept examples.  It will also include essential guidance on British and European standards in design and building.

Exova BM TRADA is also offering one of its Visual Strength Grading courses, with a focus on softwood, from 25-29 April 2016.  This practical five day course provides essential training in visual strength grades as set out in BS 4978.  Held at The Horse Trust, Speen, this course is aimed at those who select and grade timber within the workplace.

All training is provided by a panel of experts in the field who have first-hand knowledge of the use of timber in construction, its applications and technical specifications:  Robin Lancashire is a senior timber frame consultant with on site experience;  Dr Keerthi Ranasinghe is a principal structural engineer and Eurocodes consultant; and Lewis Taylor is a timber frame consultant with technical testing expertise.




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