Elan Homes to offer Smart Homes

Elan Homes to offer Smart Homes

New homes featuring high speed digital multi-room entertainment and communications systems are now being offered by Elan Homes.

Wired yet invisible, a smart home system offers the entertainment and high-speed internet access in every room and can be used for high definition video distribution, CCTV, mobile device charging and extending Wi-Fi range.

It can also let homeowners take charge of their heating intelligently with the potential to reduce energy bills. And as technology evolves, the network will be flexible enough to move with the times

The hidden wires systems will initially be available at Westminster Place, near Chester, as a customer option.

The technology is being introduced by Elan in conjunction with Home Hub Installations and Richer Sounds.

Marie Morris, sales director for Elan Homes in the North, explains:  “Homebuyers want the latest technology at their fingertips throughout the home and by teaming up with Home Hub Installations and Richer Sounds we’re allowing them to do just that. Experts from Richer Sounds can help customers design systems to meet their needs and then Home Hub Installations will wire the property during the build stage so that everything’s neatly concealed.”

Richer Sounds will help customers design a bespoke system, deciding where the faceplates should go in each room and what technology to connect them to from wall mounted TVs to multi-room music systems to cutting-edge home automation and security.

Mark Swift, director of Home Hub Installations, said: “Homes will be wired with hidden cables during the build, all connected to a concealed cabinet, with a small faceplate in each room. The infrastructure includes  coaxial cable to carry the TV signal from the aerial, satellite dish or cable  signal to where you’d like to watch TV; a versatile Cat6a network  to carry superfast broadband and high definition video distribution amongst others; a hidden cabinet which acts as the heart of the system containing things like a router, Blu-Ray player and games consoles; faceplates with internet connections to share devices and services for example printers or TV subscription packages.”

Phil Marrow, Installations director for Richer Sounds, added: “You can do much, much more with a Smart home. Enjoy music in every room, protect your home with CCTV and even home automation. You’ll also need less equipment because a single device, for example an Apple TV, can serve the entire house.

“Plus, the whole family can use their devices anywhere in the property and with network points in all rooms you can choose where to connect your internet devices, TVs and phones. It means all the family will be able to share printers, scanners, music, photos and files across a super-fast network.”

For more information visit www.elan-homes.co.uk/westminster-place.

Image: Wired yet invisible, a smart home system offers the very best entertainment and high-speed internet access

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