Zuma launches ceiling light fixture with loudspeaker

Zuma launches ceiling light fixture with loudspeaker

A unique hardware and software product that has reinvented the way sound and light can be experienced in the home has been launched by a British company with international investment. 

Zuma has created an ultra-compact, high performance loudspeaker with a low energy LED light, all housed within a stylish, deceptively simple to install, ceiling light fixture. It is a virtually invisible, wireless and clutter free audio experience that combines circadian rhythm and mood lighting for users.

It has been developed over three years by an expert team, led by one of the world’s leading industrial designers Morten Warren, renowned acoustic engineer, Laurence Dickie, and an international team that has delivered industry defining innovations across audio, video, lighting and smart devices.

Built into the Zuma app are a series of Wellbeing features that easily enable users to play atmospheric soundscapes and combine them with sympathetic lighting tones. This allows users to transform the atmosphere of bathrooms into one more like a spa, connect a Peloton via Bluetooth to create the feel of a spin class studio, use a relaxation app to listen to a favourite story or the sound of rain as they sleep under a canopy of Zuma speakers.

With the Zuma, users can select both music and the lighting to suit moods – either using voice (Alexa at launch) or via the Zuma app – with no hubs, complex control systems, cables or set up required. Furthermore, with multiple Zuma lights in a ceiling, users are surrounded by colour tuneable lights whilst enjoying a virtually invisible array of loudspeakers above creating a truly immersive audio experience – with the ceiling becoming a canopy of sound.

As the sound projects vertically from the ceiling, consequently not being ‘bounced around’ or blocked by furniture or people, the brain is able to absorb the sound and process it in a more relaxed state, delivering a far more enjoyable atmospheric experience.

Zuma has incorporated technology that will, later this year, allow users expand the capabilities of the devices to include motion sensors, smoke alarms and security systems to the device.

Morten Warren, founder and CEO of Zuma said “This is a game changer in the way that we listen to music, watch films, or simply relax. The way we have listened to music in our home hasn’t changed in decades, until now.

There are many smart products on the market today that do one thing – be that audio, or lighting or security – they don’t integrate with each other easily, if at all. Our vision is that through consolidating these core applications into a single integrated platform people can easily transform their living spaces in imaginative ways. 

Zuma doesn’t just provide a totally new way to experience incredibly immersive high-performance lighting and superior audio, it discreetly becomes part of your home. Users can connect iPhone, iPad, or TV and enjoy a thrilling, edge of their seat, room-filling soundtrack to any movie, with no sound bar required, from anywhere in the room.”

Drawing on its industrial design pedigree, the Zuma team developed its patented spring blade mechanism which enables quick and easy installation and removal. In this way, Zuma seamlessly becomes part of the fabric of any room and can easily be enhanced with sensors to support additional services and applications across security, presence detection, environmental monitoring and other wellbeing applications.

Not only does Zuma provide a compelling experience for consumers but property developers, custom installers, architects and interior designers now have access to an elegant and cost-effective way to integrate smart home technologies into projects – reducing the number of different fixtures populating a ceiling and providing a much cleaner, minimal aesthetic. A selection of round and square bezels with different and flush mounting options will be available at launch. 

Zuma’s Lumisonic (speaker light) is priced at £375 RRP per unit (excl. VAT). A companion Luminare (light only) product will be available in the summer priced at £125 RRP per unit (excl. VAT), and are available to purchase at www.zuma.ai

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