Mira | The modern shower experience

Mira | The modern shower experience

Mira Showers explains why smart controls, hassle-free installation and sustainability are at the forefront of today’s shower experience.

Having recently celebrated its centenary year, Mira Showers continues to be on the cutting-edge of showering technology. From designing the world’s first thermostatic valve to creating solutions for the bathrooms of today, the company is looking to the future with designs that maximise efficiency and come with sustainability credentials. Here are three of the company’s recent innovations. 

Mira Activate comes with a smart difference: a stylish digital display and controller linked to app technology that allows consumers to create personalised showering experiences, using up to ten customisable shower pre-sets, or creating their own. 

Digital showering technology has sustainable advantages that allow users to be more eco-friendly when they shower – Mira Activate enables the monitoring of water usage via the Mira Showers app, as well as the control of flow and temperature.  

Mira Opero offers luxury showering with easy installation and new technology. With a push-fit, spanner-free, front of tile installation that gives the appearance of a built-in shower, the model has been designed to be easy for installers to fit. 

It includes the Mira HydroGlo technology – a warmup feature that lets users know the shower has reached its desired temperature with a glowing light, which is self-powered and needs no electricity, batteries, or extra wiring. The shower also utilises Mira CoolShield – a safety technology that stops heat transferring to exposed surfaces of the shower valve and Mira Magni-flo, which delivers high flow levels with water pressures as low as 0.1 bar. 

Heat recovery
Mira HeatCapture is a waste water heat recovery product that utilises heat from the bathroom wastewater to increase the efficiency of a domestic heating system, so that the boiler applies less energy to heat water as the required heat rise has been reduced. 

With hot water demand being added to the Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) regulations for 2025, Mira’s HeatCapture can help developers ensure new building projects are in line with these regulations. The solution can increase the overall hot water efficiency of a new home by up to 10%.

Mira HeatCapture is designed with a double wall stainless steel heat exchanger. The ridged stainless-steel core ensures water exiting the shower waste or bath clings to the side of the tube to transfer its heat to the cool incoming mains. Conforming to EN1717, the steel heat exchanger is suited to new build applications. The solution is tested and certified by WRAS, KIWA, BRE as well as being SAP registered.

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