The aesthetics of roof tiles

The aesthetics of roof tiles

Andrew Hayward, Managing Director of Russell Roof Tiles, considers the importance of the roof on the overall aesthetics of a new house.

 A recent survey by Barclays Mortgages found that 44 per cent of house hunters would offer up to 20 per cent below the asking price if they found the exterior of a property was “off-putting”, placing a significant financial implication on an otherwise aesthetic problem.

A roof is an essential element in the overall design of any home. It is an integral part of the structure of a building. On some styles of house the roof is a very dominant feature. So depending on the shape of it or its roof covering (which can make up to 40% of the façade), the roof can have a major impact on a property’s appearance.

The pitch and height of a roof can have a significant effect on the total architecture of the home, with modern mono-pitch designs and low pitched roofs creating striking first impressions, while roofs with a greater height and pitch can often allow for extra storage and living space.

Having a durable roof is imperative – choosing a roof for a home is more than just deciding upon colour and aesthetics. However, having said this, roof tiles not only have to fulfil the role of creating a watertight layer, keeping a home dry, but they also need to look good from the moment they’re installed.

It’s a lot to ask of one material. Specifying the right product is an important decision and one likely to be governed by a number of factors.

Legacy of local materials

Historically UK homes were built from available local materials – so what was on your roof usually reflected what could be quarried locally because of the weight of it. Choosing between slate, clay tile or even stone roofing could be dictated by the local planning authority who require it to be in keeping with local vernacular; they may even need to approve samples before giving the go ahead.

Using modern techniques now enables manufacturers to replicate the traditional character of indigenous materials and profiles but with all the long term added benefits of concrete. Russell Roof Tiles has, for example, created a series of clay-look “blends” created from our concrete plain tile colour ranges to provide roofs with character.

Durable and versatile

Concrete roof tiles are a long life, durable product and require minimal maintenance once installed. The versatility of concrete allows for an authentic slate or clay effect roof tile with the benefits of offering greater strength. Concrete tiles allow for a straight forward quick installation and then after will require little or no maintenance as they are highly resistant to freeze thaw conditions.

With the range of homes currently on the market, and the emphasis on kerb appeal, developers and developments need to be able to differentiate themselves from their competitors by offering premium finishes.

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