Eaton wireless home security

Eaton wireless home security

Eaton has added three new radio products to its Scantronic and Menvier security ranges, enabling a 100 per cent radio solution and wire-free installation.

The power management company’s SDR-RINT internal sounder, SDR-xEXT external sounders and KEY-RKPZ two-way radio keypad are completely wire-free, aimed at providing fast and easy installation, minimal disruption to the building and greater flexibility in mounting.

Ideal for hard-to-reach areas that are out of earshot of wired keypads or panels, the SDR-RINT internal sounder is designed to blend in easily in entrance halls and other aesthetically sensitive areas. The internal sounder is connected via either a radio expander or a control unit with built-in radio capability. It also produces all system sounds, including entry/exit, fault and alarm tones. Additionally, multiple internal radio sounders can be installed on the same system.

The range of external sounders, designed for use with the i-on range and new Menvier 868MHz systems, is available in blue, amber and red with options for radio, wired and decoy, with free screen printing available in the UK.

It features a self-supporting lid, built-in spirit-level and revolving fixing holes, which make for straightforward mounting, including fitting on uneven surfaces. High-power comfort LEDs and LED strobes as well as the external sounder’s long radio range and battery life give the installer a broad choice of installation options.

Technical Manager for Eaton’s security business, Glenn Foot, commented: “The radio solutions can fit pretty much anywhere in the premises with very little effort so the new products significantly decrease the amount of time you have to spend on installation.”

The keypad offers the installer full access to configure the system, and offers the user full access to set or unset the system. The keypad is linked wirelessly to its own base station, which communicates with the control unit via a standard RS485 wired connection. Two-wire zone (FSL) terminals further expand the options for installation.

Security Business Leader at Eaton, Tony Walsh, added: “The advantage with the radio solutions is that they also work in a retrofit arrangement without damage to décor or anything else in the home.”

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