Improve security on site

Improve security on site

Limitless Security, a provider of security solutions for the housebuilding sector, has launched the VIDAR detector to help prevent break-ins and vandalism on site

A standalone, wire-free system VIDAR combines motion detection with integrated image verification to help reduce the cost of break-ins, theft and vandalism. VIDAR is part of Limitless Security’s new fixed cost, fully managed service designed to take away the headaches and hassles involved in installing, managing and maintaining security equipment on building sites.

Adam Lees, Managing Director of Limitless Security said: “Developed as a result of more than 30 years’ experience, VIDAR is an integrated, technology-led security solution that detects intruders and captures images for visual verification around the clock. It provides building sites with unparalleled flexibility in terms of deployment as it does not need to be connected to an external power supply, control panel, telephone line or internet service.”

VIDAR uses a high quality CMOS camera with automatic exposure, colour encoding and focus to capture images that clearly show when intruders are onsite. It works in colour during the day and black & white at night using four high powered infrared spotlights.

When the PIR sensor detects motion, the unit’s embedded SIM automatically transmits images to a Monitoring Centre for visual verification before an agreed response plan is implemented.

Limitless Security installs VIDAR after completing a risk assessment and configures the units to auto-arm and disarm at times and days required by individual sites. It can also be used in ‘Gate’ mode to monitor the routine entry and exit of people and vehicles at building sites.

“Our managed solution includes detection, monitoring and response using a SIA-licensed security guarding service. It covers everything from risk assessment, the supply, installation and management of all equipment and site security signage through to documentation of any events for evidential purposes and the provision of information to responding agencies,” continued Lees. “Importantly, we are focused on providing a complete security solution for a single, fixed monthly cost to make budgeting easier and eliminate any unexpected additional charges.”

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