Smart home tech | Brisant Ultion SMART

Smart home tech | Brisant Ultion SMART

Security is important all year round but now is the time to ramp it up a level. Latest figures from the Office of National Statistics state an 11% increase in theft offences during the winter months, making tighter security a first port of call for home owners.

With all this in mind, our homes are getting smarter and homeowners are looking towards the latest technology for assistance. For example, today’s video doorbells allow you to view who is outside before you open your door to a stranger.

Similarly, smart locks that create access codes you can share with friends, family and even the delivery driver so they can safely deliver your potentially expensive goodies are on the up.

For the ultimate guide to smart home security, check out the tech below that’ll help aid your quest for a safe and smart home this winter.

The average door handle and lock can be removed from a door in just nine seconds – a scary thought! Especially when the house and the garden shed is a treasure trove for thieves.

Brisant’s Ultion SMART boasts uncompromised security through its robust Lockdown Mode, a hidden lock which activates when attacked. A testament to the safety offered by Brisant’s Ultion SMART, the smart device has received industry accreditations including Sold Secure Diamond and Secure By Design, meaning it is backed by locksmiths and the UK police respectively.

A smart door lock is incredibly practical, especially if you need to let someone into your home whilst you are away. It makes security simple and secure using Bluetooth and GPS technology, allowing the Ultion SMART to automatically unlock when a trusted user approaches the door. Users can even issue time-limited electronic keys via the Danalock app – perfect for Airbnb hosts, letting in tradespeople, gardeners or dog walkers.

So why opt for a smart door lock over a traditional lock?
How often do you come home with your hands full after a busy day of shopping, struggle to reach into your pocket to find your keys? To combat this, why not invest in the brand new Ultion SMART lock from Brisant Secure which unlocks the door as you approach it. Pretty cool right? From the outside, Ultion SMART appears to be a conventional door lock and handle, designed to appeal to the traditionalists out there, but the inside boasts leading smart home technology, including voice activation and geo-unlocking.

Ultion SMART can be operated in a variety of ways; voice controls with Amazon Alexa or Siri through Apple HomeKit, Bluetooth via an accompanying app, wireless keypad PIN access, or a traditional key. Brisant Secure has partnered with Danalock to create a handsfree operation that provides convenience and peace of mind, by providing an encrypted connection between the lock and the user’s phone.

Installation of Brisant’s Ultion Smart is straight forward too, and can be easily installed in minutes with no drilling required and easily replaceable batteries.

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