Create space using pocket door systems

Create space using pocket door systems

Jamie Johnson, product manager at IronmongeryDirect explains how pocket door systems can help to utilise available space.

The demand for housing is showing no signs of waning. Space is limited and houses are being built more compact. Consequently housebuilders and developers must find ways to maximise the space available.

One solution is pocket doors, which are proving a popular choice for developers looking for inventive ways to create space. The doors are both versatile and highly functional and they can help to save up to eight per cent more space in a room compared with traditional hinged doors.

Unlike traditional hinged doors, pocket door systems do not require additional space to be opened, and this makes them a perfect choice for areas such as in a small bathroom where a swing door takes up too much floor space. A pocket door can also be a great choice for an elderly or disabled resident because the door is easy-to-open and close.


Installation and operation

Pocket doors can work for various rooms in the house and are easy-to-assemble and fit. In order to install one, you need to select a suitable pocket door kit, which usually consists

of a steel door frame, an overhead track, brackets and the necessary sliding gear to allow the door to slide in and out of the wall. This hardware helps the door to glide and ‘disappear’ into the wall when not in use and be pulled out with ease when required.

“Single [pocket] doors are a popular replacement for the traditional hinge door that is restrictive on space.”

Pocket door hardware can work well with any type of door including solid, hollow core, flat or panelled and pocket door locks are available in several different styles and finishes to suit.

Installation is relatively easy and can be completed in several simple steps. All of our pocket doors are supplied with simple fitting instructions for ease of installation.


Pocket door designs

Pocket doors used to be very popular back in the 1950’s to create privacy in a home, and they were often used to separate a living room from a dining room. However these original versions were rather basic and had a tendency to derail.

Ironongery DirectNowadays, pocket doors are making a comeback with contemporary designs that have been updated to cater for the modern home. They are available in a variety of sizes and materials to suit any project, with glass and timber designs proving particularly popular. In addition, the hardware used in today’s pocket door kits has improved significantly in terms of the quality of the materials used and the design to ensure the doors no longer stick or come off the track.

With so much choice, you will easily be able to select a door for any type of project. For instance if you’re working on a bathroom, you could choose a pocket door which is designed with a mirror on one side as not only will it help to save on space, the mirror will help to reflect light around the room creating a further sense of depth.

A glass panelled door will work well in spaces where you’d like to increase light in the room, for example in a dining room. Alternatively, it can help to create continuity and flow in rooms that are joined together such as a kitchen and pantry. Barn style pocket doors are also proving to be a popular choice in small spaces and are being used in studio flats to separate the bedroom from the living room.


Single or double

Depending on the space available, pocket doors can come in single or double designs. Single doors are a popular replacement for the traditional hinge door that is restrictive on space. A reliable kit for fitting a single pocket door is the Eclisse Single Pocket Door Kit. This product helps to save up to eight per cent of space in any room and is quick and easy to assemble. The kit includes the frame, a jamb kit, dust brushes, recessed door posts and rubber gaskets to ensure the whole door can be fitted with maximum ease and efficiency.

Alternatively double pocket doors systems can be used to join connecting rooms to help create an open floor plan and give the space a bright and more spacious feel. For instance these systems are often used to turn two separate rooms into one large space and are popular in communal spaces such as between the kitchen and lounge area.

The Coburn Hideaway Pocket Door Kit is a great choice for a double pocket door system as the kit provides a simple method for increasing available space in domestic applications. The equipment fits neatly into interior stud walling, allowing the door to disappear into the cavity and are popular choices in dining rooms, en-suite bathrooms and cloakrooms. The kit suits doors up to 2032mm high, by installing this product between a small kitchen and lounge it is possible to transform the area into a much more open and comfortable living space.

Pocket door systems are a stylish and versatile solution to combating limited space. They are suited to modest-sized houses as the simple yet effective designs help to maximise available space and add an air of sophistication to any room. As well as being cost effective, pocket doors look great and are available in a number of styles and finishes to suit any décor.


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