Origin | Invest in the energy efficiency of homes

Origin | Invest in the energy efficiency of homes

Properties that offer protection from inflating energy prices will save homeowners money in the long term, while improved temperature control will create more comfortable spaces in which to live. Victoria Brocklesby, Director at Origin, discusses the latest thermal glazing technology and explains how clever design can improve energy performance, without compromising on functionality and style.

UK homeowners crave natural light. Watch any house buying or renovation programme, and buyers will aspire for a property with an abundance of natural daylight.

While in Europe, architects specify small windows to avoid homes getting too hot in summer, in Britain, a desire for large expanses of glass prevents homeowners compromising on this feature. Thankfully, fitting smaller windows is a drastic measure that is not necessary to achieve superior energy efficiency.

Latest design
Updates to Part L of building regulations ahead of the Future Homes Standard (2025) means windows and doors now must meet lower U-Value targets to pass the latest building regulations. Windows and glazed doors installed in new homes must achieve a U-Value of 1.2 W/m2K.

Be aware that there are two U-Values. The centre pane U-Value only measures the transfer of heat through the glass, so always consider the whole U-Value. This accurately calculates the performance of the entire system including the frame.

Origin has invested in product innovation to ensure all systems in the Origin Home range can exceed thermal efficiency targets.

Originally used in spacesuits and spaceships, Aerogel is one of the world’s best insulators and can achieve unbeatable energy ratings. The Origin Premium Window (OW-80) with Aerogel, for example, can achieve an ultra-low U-Value of 0.8 W/m2K.

Polyamide thermal break barriers between the interior and exterior profile can also significantly improve U-Values. Thermal glass will further improve energy efficiency without the need for triple glazing.

Testing & training
Doors and windows that can withstand even the most extreme weather conditions will have passed international testing. For example, the Origin Bi-fold Door has been rigorously tested overseas and excels in water tightness, air permeability, wind resistance, and even hurricane testing.

Reputable manufacturers, like Origin, will further work with installers to train them on how to fit their systems correctly to avoid draughts, a common source of issue for housebuilders.

Finally, improved energy performance means housebuilders can also opt for glazing inside the home to maximise natural light and aesthetics.

As homeowners increasingly look for ways to protect themselves against the rising cost of energy without compromising the look and feel of their homes, investing in windows and doors with superior energy performance will make properties highly desirable when the time comes to sell.

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