Worcester extends heating controls range

Worcester extends heating controls range

Worcester, Bosch Group is extending its heating controls portfolio even further with the addition of the Greenstar Comfort Range.


The latest introduction comprises of a collection of intelligent and simple to use controls, which it believes are quick and easy to install.

Each of the three programmable controls include an intuitive dial-controlled menu which allows navigation of all heating and hot water functions. The Worcester Greenstar Comfort range of controls offers wireless load compensation, which not only ensures installation flexibility without having to physically wire the unit to the boiler, but also has the potential to significantly reduce fuel consumption.

The new Worcester range boasts three different options.

Greenstar Comfort twin channel programmer

Capable of delivering a different central heating and domestic hot water (DHW) programme for each day of the week, the twin channel programmer also gives the end user the chance to set and adjust three separate time periods for each day. With this product the homeowner can utilise their existing room thermostat.

Greenstar Comfort I RF twin channel programmer

As well as the  features of the twin channel programmer, the RF variant on the Comfort range offers the added benefit of an extremely reliable RF signal with Radio Signal Strength Indication (RSSI) menu. The Comfort RF model has a pre-paired receiver and sender; making the device simple to fit, whilst the ability to display boiler fault codes remotely makes it more beneficial, particularly when the boiler is located in a difficult to access position, such as a garage or roof space.

The addition of load compensation for an additional 3 per cent efficiency gain under the ErP directive enhances efficiency levels.

Greenstar Comfort II RF programmable room thermostat

The premium model within the new Greenstar Comfort range, the Comfort II RF programmable room thermostat, builds on the capabilities of the Comfort I, but with the addition of more performance enhancing features.

The Comfort II allows the boiler’s central heating and DHW to be programmed and controlled from the thermostat itself, in addition, not only does the Comfort II display fault codes, but it also allows installers to access the boiler’s fault history; which offers a comprehensive profile of any issues the boiler may have had previously.

On the launch of the new Comfort range of controls, Martyn Bridges, Director of Marketing and Technical Support commented: “Despite some of the recent innovations in the market for heating and hot water controls, we’re aware that the vast majority of controls installed remain the most basic of mechanical options. It is vitally important that manufacturers and installers continue to educate their customers on the benefits of using more intelligent programmers to benefit from greater comfort and the potential for reduced energy bills.”


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