Uponor launches easy fit electric underfloor heating solution

Uponor launches easy fit electric underfloor heating solution

Uponor, the heating and cooling specialist, has developed a new, easy-to-fit electric underfloor heating system called Comfort E.

The ultra-slim electric underfloor heating system has been designed to offer ease and speed of installation for any room, with a mat that is simply rolled out under the floor finish and connected to the electrical system.

Suitable for both new-builds and renovation projects, the system is available in two variants; a 3mm thick fibreglass mesh mat with sewn-in cables to avoid cable uplift and reduce installation times for use under tile, Karndean or Lino floor finishes; and an aluminium foil mat with optional 6mm insulation for use under laminate or tongue and groove wooden flooring.

David Playfoot from Uponor explained: “Underfloor heating is not always required in every room and our Comfort E electrical underfloor heating system offers the flexibility to add underfloor heating to specific areas, such as the bathroom or bedroom of a residential property.

“The system is also ideal for modular construction, enabling the mat to be pre-installed offsite for rapid and straightforward connection onsite.

“For conservatories, Comfort E enables the room to be heated on a standalone circuit to comply with building regulations, while offering reliable and controllable heat on an as needed basis that will be evenly distributed across the space.”

Sizes vary from 1 to 12m2 and both the mat and foil systems are simply rolled out onto the floor. The mat system then needs to be sealed into place using tile adhesive or levelling compound before the floor finish is installed. For the foil system, Uponor recommends that its 6mm insulation is installed first to maximise energy efficiency and provide an acoustic barrier, then the foil is simply laid flat and the laminate or wood system is installed directly onto it. Both systems provide a low profile floor build up, helping to maximise floor to ceiling heights.

Comfort E then simply connects to the electricity supply to provide rapid, controllable and energy efficient heat-up and cool-down via a dial or digital thermostat, with heat dispersion provided by either the levelling compound/adhesive or foil to ensure even heating throughout the space.


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