Why consider shower cubicles

Why consider shower cubicles

Saniflo UK Head of Marketing and Product Management, Ann Boardman, shares her thoughts about the impact of Covid-19 on the housebuilding sector and offers some tips for making a strong comeback.

This year has seen the housebuilding industry come up against one of the most challenging situations ever faced – a global pandemic which put a halt to site everywhere and risked a major dent to buyer confidence going forward. Whilst the situation remains far from certain, prospects look positive for the industry and the Government has put its weight behind SME builders and developers with a raft of financial packages and regulatory measures.

What is important now is that the industry looks forward to the future and starts planning ahead. This includes building properties that will stand the test of time.

During any house build or property development project, saving time and money whilst also retaining high quality products, are always of paramount importance. To help the construction industry recover, the ability to do this will be more important than ever.

I believe that one of the best ways to futureproof a property is by installing a shower cubicle rather than any other form of showering.

Not only are some shower cubicles – such as the Kinedo range – inclusively designed for multi-generational living, they’re also designed with safety and style in mind. Today’s models are a far cry from the more basic plastic designs from many years ago. With anti-slip trays, sleek opaque glass back and side walls and a high quality level of shower controls and internal fittings, the products of today are often surprising to those yet to come across them.

Not only that, shower cubicles are the best option for timber-framed properties where the building can flex and cause tiling and plaster to crack. Designed to be leak-free, they offer peace of mind against undetected leaks that can damage the integrity of a timber-framed property.

As they’re quick and easy to install – some Kinedo models can be installed and ready to use within the same day – housebuilders and property developers can save time (and therefore money), and reduce the hassle factor of installing multiple bathrooms in one home.

We know that independent bathroom installers love shower cubicles. The fact that no tiling or grout is required, means jobs are completed faster with less mess and fuss, resulting in higher profit margins and happy customers.

The wide variety of housebuilders and property developers who have already chosen the Kinedo range of shower cubicles report high levels of customer satisfaction. Consumers love the fact that our shower cubicles are easy to keep looking pristine, even with heavy use, many years after installation.

Our most recent range, Brooklyn, was launched at KBB in Birmingham. The feedback we received was phenomenal, with some even saying that Brooklyn is our best shower cubicle yet. I don’t know about that, as I think we have some fabulous styles in the portfolio, but what our ongoing launches of new models show, is that shower cubicles are extremely versatile and that we can design a range to suit rapidly changing market demands and changing trends.

If cubicles are not an option for you, then consider the Kinedo shower enclosure range. We design our enclosures with some of the same philiosophy as our shower cubicles. We understand that quick installation is also important when it comes to enclosures. That’s why, the Kinedo Fast 2000, has the word ‘fast’ in its name. It’s one of the easiest and quickest shower enclosures to install available on the market today. Our enclosures also meet demand for on-trend designs. The Kinespace, for example, features trendy black or copper options, plus our Kineclip hinges for ease of installation.

Our natural texture trays, such as Kinestone and Kinerock, offer versatile flooring options. This patented material, available exclusively from Kinedo, offers a stone effect in a range of colours that are anti-slip and cuttable.

During these challenging times, we’re still on hand to answer any questions you might have. By working together now, our chances of a swift recovery are greater. Our technical team is on hand to answer all queries during working hours and our 100-strong Service Engineer network is available for total aftercare.

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