Pumps get a head

Pumps get a head

Designed for managing rainwater and wastewater, the four latest submersible pumps from Saniflo UK can deal with the high flows experienced in winter.

The Sanipump VX models are all designed to be installed in a manhole or pit, with the Sanipump VX 50 being tailored for elevating wastewater and rainwater up to a 16m head and featuring a DN50 discharge diameter.

This pump can be used as either a portable or fixed unit and comes in 12 variants: eight single-phase (including four automatic) and four three-phase models. It is compatible with Sanifos 1600/2100/3100 underground pumping stations.

The Sanipump VX 65/80 models are stationary units built to lift wastewater and rainwater to a maximum head of 35m. They come with a vortex impeller and offer discharge diameters ranging from 120 to 190 mm, depending on the model, with outputs in DN 65 or DN 80.

The Sanipump SLD is a high-capacity pump for rainwater drainage and wastewater, capable of handling up to 48m³/h. It’s available in both single and three-phase versions and features a continuous duty rating. The pump includes a two-channel impeller with a 50mm free passage. It is also available in the Sanifos 610 packed lifting station.

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