Take the strain

Take the strain

Specially developed for heat pumps, the Vortex700 filter from Sentinel uses both magnetism and filtration to keep heating systems working efficiently.

Heat pump systems run at lower temperatures than traditional boilers will accumulate both magnetic sludge, like magnetite from radiators, and non-magnetic debris such as sand, filings, and limescale.

Organic materials like algae and biofilms can also build up, particularly in underfloor heating or low-temperature radiators. These accumulations can lead to cold spots, reduced heating efficiency, increased fuel consumption, and even system damage over time.

Designed for installation on the heat pump return line, the Vortex700 combines a strong magnet with an 800-micron sieve for filtering out non-magnetic debris. The filter’s four neodymium magnets create a 9000 gauss magnetic field to trap magnetic particles, while all system flow is filtered through the sieve chamber to capture non-magnetic debris.

The debris is easily cleaned out by removing the magnet and opening the unit’s flush valve, so the debris is just flushed out. The sieve can also be removed and cleaned as needed.

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