Oxford Plastics’ Driveway Board

Oxford Plastics’ Driveway Board

The British electricity and gas utility company required a driveway cover that would allow access for vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes over an excavation 900mm wide. It also specified that it could be lifted in place by just two people and would not require fixing to the ground.

The Driveway Board can withstand one wheel of a 3.5-tonne vehicle over a 900mm excavation (meeting new driveway board specifications) – and can alternatively be used for pedestrians over a 1200mm span.

Using Oxford Plastics’ Low Pro technology, the underside and edge of the Driveway Board is made from a soft flexible material to grip the surface underneath and reduce any unwanted movement.

This means it is very stable without the need for bolting in most applications and poses a greatly reduced trip hazard for pedestrians. It also has a moulded anti-slip surface for additional pedestrian safety.

Weighing 48kg, the Driveway Board is lightweight enough to install with a two-man lift.


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