New guide from Greenworks to help avoid common pitfalls

New guide from Greenworks to help avoid common pitfalls

Greenworks has partnered with the LABC to create a guide to achieving a completion certificate, helping avoid the common pitfalls of non-compliance.

Building compliance is a critical barrier that can stand in the way of any house construction reaching completion status. However, compliance can also be the element that isn’t focused on extensively, resulting in sign-off failures and therefore potentially costly remedial works.

Greenworks has partnered with the LABC to provide support designed to help housebuilders and developers achieve sign-off, first time.

The guide is split into two areas that the LABC attribute to the most common causes of non-compliance; the paper work and on-site assessment. The guide includes useful tips and checklists of what to do to ensure building control has everything it needs to sign-off the build.

Martin Taylor, Commercial Director from LABC said: “We understand how frustrating it is for developers and self builders to face complications at sign-off stage, particularly when it is something relatively simple like the relevant paperwork that has got in their way. Completion certificates are important documents, corners can’t be cut, but measures can be made to make the process more straightforward

We’ve been working closely with Greenworks to find out how we can help achieve compliance in both new build and extension projects by giving access to industry-leading advice and sharing our knowledge.”

Marcus Jefford, Director at Greenworks said: “This guide is part of a wider campaign with the LABC to help developers and self builders bridge the gap between ‘as-designed’ and ‘as-built’. We want to help the industry build more intelligently by offering products and services like SAP and RCDs, but there’s also a lot more to it. Passing on and sharing our combined knowledge could save thousands of pounds on projects. Essentially, we’re here to help.”

Download the guide here.

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