MSite Workforce App enables “better on-site safety” in the wake of COVID-19

MSite Workforce App enables “better on-site safety” in the wake of COVID-19

Human Recognition Systems (HRS) has developed a new app which is designed to help the construction industry to keep sites open and safe in the wake of COVID-19.

The new MSite Workforce App is an integrated digital solution that puts the power of MSite into the hands of every worker, enabling better on-site safety, as well as productivity gains. It provides contact-free biometric site entry and sign-in, social distance monitoring and direct-to-worker notifications.

As the construction industry looks to restart operations, it’s important that the sector is able to assure staff, as well as the broader public, that it can do so safely. To this end, the Construction Leadership Council’s ‘Industry Recovery Plan’ urged firms to consider adopting new technologies, which address the immediate concerns, as well as paving the way for new productivity opportunities.

With its new MSite Workforce App, HRS believes it has found an ideal solution to the challenge. The digital workforce productivity platform, which is available through the Android and Apple app stores, could help to boost levels of safety and productivity on site. What’s more, the solution offers businesses an opportunity to incorporate more technology into their operations, enabling the digitalisation of people and processes.

It enables companies to operate contactless site entry systems, utilising the on-board biometric capabilities of workers’ phones, and important messages can be delivered through the app directly to each worker, improving on-site communications. What’s more, in light of the pandemic and the sector’s ever-evolving needs, the new app provides supervisors with proximity reports, equipping them with information as to which workers may benefit from the introduction of additional safety measures.

Speaking on the launch of the new app, Neil Norman, CEO and Founder of HRS, commented: “COVID-19 has been a ‘sit up and smell the coffee’ moment for the construction sector, which none of us can afford to ignore. If the industry is to pick itself back up, it will need to adopt new solutions, which enable safe working practices in this new climate. Pre-COVID-19, we were seeing more companies starting to recognise the potential of using centralised digital technology at a group level for workforce management, but it’s now imperative that it happens. We believe the direct-to-worker MSite Workforce App solution will help do this. The app is not a short-term, expensive, de-coupled, bolt-on ‘gadget’, but a solid solution that makes sense and has been developed by a reputable biometric and technology company already firmly established in the industry.”

Prior to rolling out the MSite Workforce App, HRS worked hard to add features that directly benefited housebuilders. Unlike other construction sites, housebuilding sites don’t tend to be bound by a perimeter, but the MSite Workforce App will enable housebuilders to operate contactless site entry systems. The solution can also be configured to allow multiple signing in zones, which enables housebuilders to create a system more in-tune with their working practices.

Furthermore, the application is fully integrated into the broader MSite system, which provides a comprehensive performance dashboard and reporting system.

MSite has been widely used within the construction sector since its launch in 2004, and the system has over 1.2 million workers currently enrolled on it. By using the MSite platform, site managers can manage the registration and online induction of individuals onto construction sites, along with a whole host of additional safety, productivity and reporting features.

The MSite Workforce App is now available to sites seeking to solve several of the workforce issues presented by COVID-19 with one solution. For those seeking to build a long-term workforce digitalisation partnership at a company-wide level, enterprise agreements will provide a value-driven means to bring consistency to workforce management and create a pathway for future productivity increases. Moving forward, HRS will continue to add features to the platform, which will include job and time allocation, geo-tagging attendance, electronic good receipting, interactive communications, toolbox talks and more.

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