Uponor: Benefits of Composite Pipes

Uponor: Benefits of Composite Pipes

Uponor has expanded its composite range, including a new system which promises a narrower bending radius that holds its shape.

Uponor, a provider of systems for the safe transportation of water around a building, has expanded its MLC composite range with the introduction of four new products – a new pipe system called SAC, a range of high performance 16-32mm PPSU press fittings, fire resistant pre-insulated composite pipes, and an extension to the current PPSU range of press fittings – to include 63 and 75mm.

The company’s Uni-Pipe PLUS SAC (Seamless Aluminium Composite) is a multi-layer composite pipe with a seamless, extruded aluminium layer. It promises significant levels of flexibility, with Uponor indicating that it has up to 40% narrower bending radius compared to conventional multi-layer pipes, and zero per cent readjustment. This means the pipe will stay perfectly in shape after bending.
Additionally, the company says that the pipe’s enhanced flexibility means installers will require 15% fewer fittings, improving system integrity and reducing the overall cost of the installation. The new SAC pipes are fully compatible with all the current Uponor pipes, fittings and tools.

Pressing ahead

Also new to its offering is the S-Press PLUS PPSU (16-32mm) range of press fittings, which offers higher flow rates and lower pressure losses than the current S-Press PPSU press range. The new range adds to the features that are currently available from the S-Press PLUS metal range of fittings, which was launched in April 2019.

The S-Press PLUS PPSU press fitting range offers features such as two O-rings on each connection, stainless steel pressing collars and colour-coded size identification. A break-away pressing indicator foil, and the joint inspection technology, provides reassurance that a connection has been made correctly. The company says its specially designed pressing sleeve ensures it ‘virtually impossible’ to press the fitting with the jaws in the wrong position.

Uponor has further extended its S-Press PPSU composite portfolio to include dimensions 63-75mm, ideal for use in sanitary and heating systems in domestic buildings. The company has also introduced a range of fire resistant pre-insulated pipes – in pipe sizes 16, 20, and 25mm.

Dave Lancaster, Senior Segment Manager Commercial at Uponor, commented: “At Uponor, innovation is at the heart of everything we do and the introduction of these new products further demonstrates our ongoing commitment to providing market-leading technology. Adding these solutions to our product offering means we can offer developers a complete range of solutions with the very best features and performance with no compromise on quality, whether they choose to work with either metal or plastic (PPSU).

“As has always been the case, developers and builders will continue to benefit from our range of reliable, secure, hygienic and flexible solutions but these new offerings will bring a higher-performance than any current composite press fitting on the market, with build times benefitting from a reduction in pipe installation time of around 15%.”

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