Ironmongery Direct launches home security checklist

Ironmongery Direct launches home security checklist

Ironmongery Direct has created a new home security checklist to help trade professionals ensure all new windows and doors are installed with the correct ironmongery and meet new security requirements.

Due to come into effect on 1st October 2015, at the start of National Home Security Month, Approved Document Q is a new regulation which sets out requirements to ensure that all newly installed windows and doors are able to withstand physical attacks from casual or opportunistic burglars. The introduction of the regulations will ensure that all new windows and doors comply with recognised standards and will therefore deliver the highest levels of security.

To ensure trade professionals are up to speed as soon as the new regulations come into effect, IronmongeryDirect developed the handy checklist to inform professionals on everything they need to know when installing a new door or window so that it complies with the new guidelines.

The simple and easy-to-use checklist contains an annotated illustration of a front door to highlight all of the ironmongery components covered by the regulations, from hinges and multipoint locking systems to door viewers, letterboxes and door frames. It details the requirements for each component, including the standards they must comply with and the minimum and maximum sizes.

It also includes in-depth information on door sets to clearly outline how the requirements must be met, making it easier for tradespeople to adhere to the regulations.

In addition, the checklist also outlines the regulations that must be complied with when installing new windows. This includes ensuring that all windows meet PAS 24:2012 and that the frames are mechanically fixed to the building.

Jamie Johnson, product manager at IronmongeryDirect, said: “With 62% of burglaries taking place atnight, it is important to ensure that homes are properly secure, particularly in winter when it gets dark quicker. Keeping a home safe is of the utmost importance to all home owners, and as windows and doors are the two main entrance points into a property, these should require the most attention.”

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