Hilti launches new Combihammers

Hilti launches new Combihammers

Hilti has launched its next generation TE 50-AVR and TE 60-ATC/AVR Combihammers, designed to reduce vibration while  providing strong performance.

Both new products are suitable for drilling, chiselling and coring in both concrete and masonry and have been fitted with detachable power supply cords to minimise downtime if cable damage occurs.

Weighing 6.1kg, the TE 50-AVR is one of the lightest combihammers in its class providing a strong performance-to-weight ratio through an optimum drilling range of 16 to 32mm. It features a new ergonomic shape and design to allow increased airflow to improve lifetime.

The Active Vibration Reduction (AVR) system also means the tool has a low triaxial vibration enabling it to be used for longer than normal before reaching exposure limit values (ELV).

For those looking for a more powerful tool with additional safety features, the TE-60-ATC/AVR Combihammer has an optimum drilling range of 18 to 40mm and capacity for medium to heavy-duty chiselling. Weighing 7.8kg, it produces 7.8 joules of impact energy at 350 revolutions per minute.

In addition, the TE 60-ATC/AVR Combihammer also carries Hilti’s AVR and Active Torque Control (ATC), an electronic clutch which stops kick-back virtually immediately.

Tom Clegg, Hilti Product Manager for Heavy-Duty Power Tools in Northern Europe, said: “We’ve ensured that best-in-class innovation, performance, safety and reliability are at the heart of the new TE 50-AVR and TE 60-ATC/AVR combihammers.

“We know that combihammer power supply cords are one of the most commonly required repairs onsite. In this instance, rather than having to ship the tool offsite for repair, replacements can be ordered and delivered to the operative the very next day. If the tool is procured via the Fleet Management Service, replacement cables are included.

“Safety also remains a key priority, and we’ve improved the performance of our TE 50-AVR by 25% compared to its predecessor while simultaneously reducing vibration. Add the TE DRS-Y Dust Removal System with a Hilti vacuum and both combihammers remove up to 99% of hazardous dust.”


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