Vokèra’s new boiler has evolved

Vokèra’s new boiler has evolved

Vokèra’s new range of efficient, high performance boilers includes a range of features which promise to appeal to the new-build sector, as Alister Maclachlan, the company’s Product Director, explains.     

The new evolve from Vokèra brings together the company’s extensive knowledge of product design, performance and servicing to deliver a superior and cutting-edge combi and system boiler range that’s perfect for property developer applications where space is at a premium.

The company has placed energy efficiency at the forefront of its new range and as such, evolve combi boilers offer a ‘comparative hot water efficiency’ of 77% under SAP, making hot water production highly efficient and an attractive option for new build projects. These combi boilers will also condense in DHW mode thanks to a next generation plate heat exchanger and also offer strong domestic hot water flow rates.

This makes evolve especially attractive for small house and apartment specifications. In this type of property, where the space heating requirements are similar to, or just above, demand for hot water, then achieving the TER (Target Emission Rate) can prove an especially challenging prospect. In these circumstances, every bit of help that the boiler can provide under SAP really matters.

The efficient performance you get from evolve is also attractive to potential homebuyers who can take control of their boiler as a smart, connected appliance in their new home or apartment.

The footprint of the 24 and 28 combi models is especially shallow, making it ideal for a discreet cupboard fit.

Heating package

The entire evolve range is ErP A rated and models feature a space heating efficiency of 94%. By adding Vokèra’s BeSMART Internet connected thermostat to the system, then you will be providing homebuyers with an A+ heating package under ErP. As the OpenTherm protocol is embedded in the evolve range, BeSMART will act as a Class VI control adding 4% to the heating system efficiency.

BeSMART connection makes it not only efficient but easy for homebuyers to control their heating. This smart thermostat allows homeowners to change and adapt their heating systems at their convenience through the BeSMART App. As a result, they can programme individual settings, manage different zones and even control the heating remotely using the app on their phone. This remote monitoring is also useful for external monitoring and control of the heating in retirement dwelling and social housing applications.

We have also included an efficiency Indicator on all evolve boilers for homeowners. This visual scrolling banner displays ‘High’ or ‘Optimal’ efficiency, according to the return temperature.


Commissioning and control

At the heart of evolve is the REC10 liquid crystal display user interface. The full text menu driven control enables the installer, developer and homebuyer to quickly navigate through the unit’s parameters and settings, including programming the heating on and off times as desired. The display will also provide excellent diagnostics in the event of a fault.

Another advantage for the developer is the speed and simplicity of installation. A reduced height flue bend and a rear-flue option offer time and space saving advantages and a pre-fixing jig is supplied as standard with a built-in filling loop on combi versions. This ensures that the boiler can be quickly and easily fitted after first fix and pre-plumbing of services has been completed.


Cupboard fit

The footprint of the 24 and 28 combi models is especially shallow, making it ideal for a discreet cupboard fit. This cupboard-fit evolve also includes an embedded time clock, integral frost protection, concealed service valves and pump kick function. The boiler can also be adjusted to operate with either NG or LPG and no extra kit is needed, so in off-grid areas the boiler can prove an attractive option.

As an added safety feature, the boilers incorporate an excess CO Alarm, which will monitor the level of CO being produced and will fail-safe if or when excessive CO is being emitted. The appliances also have ACC (Active Combustion Control), which means they can adapt to the air/gas mix according to the gas quality available. Meanwhile, the pressure transducer enables system pressure to be displayed electronically via the display and also monitored remotely via BeSMART.

For peace of mind all boilers within the range have a seven year warranty as standard which will increase to 10 years when installed with a BeSMART and registered via the Vokèra Affinity loyalty and reward programme.

evolve has been developed to solve a number of headaches for developers and fits with the smart and connected lifestyle that an increasing number of homebuyers expect.

This new boiler delivers warmth, comfort and efficiency as well as ease of specification and installation benefits with long-term reliability. The boilers are extremely efficient and offer what we believe is class leading performance, with a range of new and exciting specification features.



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