Dimensions range of screwless wiring devices launched by MK Electric

Dimensions range of screwless wiring devices launched by MK Electric

Dimensions range of wiring devices allow housebuilders to adopt a common design throughout a new home.

MK Electric has launched a new range of screwless wiring devices, Dimensions, a two-piece solution is available in eight different metal and synthetic finishes. The product is scalable, allowing housebuilders to adopt one common design throughout a building while providing a distinctive look for individual rooms.

Dimensions is available as two individual parts, a functional module and clip-on frontplate, which can be ordered separately. This two-part installation means that the housebuilder has flexibility when it comes to deciding which frontplate to choose as they can fit the functional module first and add the final decorative frontplate later.

By delaying the necessity of fitting the final frontplate at the same time as the functional module, there is also less risk of damage or loss to the frontplate, reducing the chance of additional costs being incurred for replacement products or downtime on site. To further support this, the functional module, which is available in black or white, comes with a robust, recyclable protective clear cover plate.

The protective cover also ensures the device meets British Standards and therefore the functional module is fully operational, allowing work to continue as usual. This ensures minimal time disruptions on site, helping the project to finish on time and on budget – completing the job is as simple as clipping on the final frontplate to create a flawless finish.

The range incorporates products such as integrated USB socket outlets for convenient smart device charging, LED dimmers and multimedia plates where power and data can be combined in a single product.

Emma Segelov, head of marketing at MK Electric, said: “The new MK Electric Dimensions range is incredibly stylish, with no visible screws and a choice of finishes to suit all tastes and styles of décor. It has been designed to ensure that it helps housebuilders to deliver projects on time and budget, while supporting them in providing a solution which is attractive and scalable for buyers.”


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