Diligence announce new Slimfocus log fire

Diligence announce new Slimfocus log fire

Slimfocus is a balanced flue wood-burning fire featuring a counter‐flow heat exchanger flue to create an ultra efficient wood‐burning fire that retains an eye‐catching design.

The balanced flue wood-burning fire is thought to be a world first, according to the company.

Working in collaboration with flue manufacturer Poujoulat, the Efficience flue has been further developed to give a counter-flow heat exchanger on the Slimfocus range.  The flue allows the combustion air intake and the smoke exhaust to be combined.

Outside air is drawn in at the top of the flue, and this warms up on route to the firebox, optimising the performance of the fireplace. The total sealing of the Slimfocus means none of the ambient air in the room is needed for the combustion in the firebox.

The technology for the new product was validated by the CERIC laboratory following studies of this Focus model with the newly‐developed flue system.

The log fire is made to measure and is currently available up to a maximum ceiling height of 4m for both the fully suspended or floor standing versions.

Performance of the fire is 2 to 6kW, with an efficiency of 85 per cent.



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